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Odred izviđača Njegoš (Scouts Association “Njegos”)

Activity: Scout Open Day

Organized socializing and quality time event for parents and children. Children and youth prepare food for parents and guests.

When: 18.03.2017

Where: Mareza

Activity: Gardening

After preparing garden for spring sowing season, Scouts Association “Njegos” will start sowing plants. Children will learn sowing skills.

When: 25.03.2017

Where: Bašta Ekologika@Mareza, Podgorica

Centar za mlade Proactive (Youth Center Proactive)

Activity: Distribution of promotional materials to youth, representatives of NGOs, presentations, media appearances.

Presentations and sharing of promotional materials, participation of volunteers, NGOs involved and interested in use of public spaces and other interested parties with the aim to inform everyone in the community why it is important to identify indoor public spaces and use them and what can be realized.

When: March 2017

Where: Podgorica (central city sites, offices, schools, universities, local communities, Youth Center Podgorica and other important places).

Activity: The invitation to send photos of the abandoned and/or unused public places.

There is an open call from February to all interested parties to send photos of places not been used or neglected places and to draw a map of these areas and make the plan for their use in future.

When: March 2017

Where: Podgorica (all places in the city, send to the e-mail and Facebook page of Youth Center Proactive )

Activity: Organizing the event in one of the premises of local communities.

Organizing event in one of the premises of the local community in cooperation with the Capital City. The space would be until that time settled and prepared for the event. At the event would be invited youth and all interested parties in order to raise awareness of the need to use indoor public spaces and need towards joint participation of all target groups.

When: March 2017

Where: Podgorica (one of the premises of the local community)

Civis Diversus

Activity: Comic & illustration workshops

Comic and illustration workshops for 14 children ages 9- 14 years, in order to acquire/develop artistic talents.

The objective is to provide space for talented children from Niksic through comic and illustration workshops that are unavailable in their educational institutions

When: 03/04/2017 – 03/11/2017 – 03/18/2017 (13:00h-17:00h)

Where: City House Nikšić premises