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De Facto Active


Start date: 18th January 2016

Duration: 24 Months

Total cost: €200,656

Total EU Funding: €175,000


Overall objective of the project is to build the capacity of CSOs to be professional, effective and accountable independent actors by developing their capacities to be more sustainable.


Specific objective is to increase the capacity of 30 CSOs to develop and transform their organizations to be effective in fundraising from citizens and private companies in Montenegro.


Project description: The Project consists of three components:

  1. Two modular trainings(6 days in total) on fundraising from individuals and companies for 30 CSOs

1.1 Selection of training participants from 30 CSOs

1.2 Trainings

  1. Sub-granted actions of 10 selected CSOs (€115.000), coupled with mentoring focused on supporting CSOs’ fundraising from local sources

2.1 Selection of grantees

2.2 Realization of sub granted projects and mentoring

  1. Philanthropy promotion campaign

Call for participants / Internet promo, production of TV documentary, building, updating, maintenance of webpage and social media, press conferences…


Expected results:

  1. 30 CSOs develop skills, knowledge and attitude concerning methods and techniques of fundraising from individuals and companies;
  1. 10 CSOs supported financially and through mentoring to implement their projects and raise additional funds from local sources.
  1. More than 250,000 citizens and around 5,000 companies introduced with concepts of individual and corporate philanthropy.


Target group:

  1. 30 CSOs will have their fundraising capacities built (two modular trainings on fundraising from individuals and companies)
  2. 10 CSOs recipients of sub-grants with financial support from fAKT of 115,000 EUR in total
  3. Citizens of 10 local communities invited to donate to local selected 10 CSOs. It is expected to deliver invitations to more than 50,000 people.
  4. Companies from 10 local communities invited to support local sub granted actions through donations. Expected to reach more than 150 companies.
  5. Media campaign promoting philanthropic actions. Expected that the campaign reach about 250,000 people throughout Montenegro.


Project justification:

This Project would also have indirect and long-term impact on many stakeholders:

  1. Civil sector in Montenegro, as beneficiaries and target groups of 30 trained CSOs and 10 CSO projects financed
  2. Business sector and citizens and increased awareness on importance of philanthropy to local communities and grow of the network of CSO supporters among local businesses and citizens



For more information please consult the following web sites:

Fond for Active Citizenship,