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“I really have to say – bravo fAKT team! It is clear through each call how organizations make progress, technically, in their program, and organizationally … This time, literally, almost all the ideas are good, I’m really too proud of you (even though the decision-making process gave me lot of headache) 🙂 I do not know if you’re aware of how much each EU euro donated to you is more valuable and measurable by results of all that is given to other NGOs – if not, I’ll repeat this to you all the time :)!”
Milica Kovacevic,
member of the Selection Committee , 19.07.2016.
„Thank you for your trust. We look forward to the realization of the project. We are pleased that excellent ideas have the possibility to be realized. The opportunity fAKT provide confirms sincerity and will to help organizations in their development.“
Milan Mijajlovic,
Scout Association Njegos, 02.08.2016.
„The support of fAKT to our organization has made fundraising from other donors much easier ( at least in 70%, according to our estimation). The fact that we merited the trust of one so recognized foundation is the guarantee for the success.“
Marina Kovacevic,
NGO Morakovo, 28.12.2016.